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Measures against new corona infection


● June 1, 2020

Application for Student Support Emergency Benefits

For students, etc. who became independent from home, due to the new corona, the part-time job income decreased sharply.

The Government of Japan will provide cash support to those who find it difficult to continue their studies at universities.


Contents of system

・100,000 yen or 200,000 yen (tax exempt households) will be provided to students whose part-time job income has decreased by 50% or more compared to the previous month.

Target person requirements

(1) Being independent from home and paying tuition by part-time job income

(2) Income of the new coronavirus infection has decreased significantly due to the spread of the disease.

(3) For international students:

①A person with excellent academic performance. (Grade evaluation coefficient of the previous year is 2.30 or more)

② Attendance rate of one month is 80% or more

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Response to New Coronavirus Infections

February 26, 2020

> To all concerned

Guidance of graduation ceremony of Reiwa 1st year

In light of the government's basic policy following the spread of the new type of coronavirus, the scale will be reduced and held as a simple graduation ceremony.

Please note that it may be canceled depending on the spread of infection.

・The date and time: From 10:00 on Friday, March 6, Reiwa 2

・Location: Classroom 101, 102

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> To students


About travel (visit to Japan, return to Japan)

Students who plan to travel abroad during the spring break, such as when returning home or traveling abroad, should consult with their school teacher before purchasing a flight ticket.


On February 25, the Vietnamese prime minister said that newcomers from South Korea and other countries confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus were more likely to enter the country (cities) and from third countries via endemic areas. He instructed him to apply immigration measures.

At present, Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk-do are subject to refusal in Korea.

It is expected that the affected areas in Japan will also be affected, but details are not specified at this time.

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